Chicago's New Bold Dance Company
August 6-8 at Visceral Dance Center Elements will break ground in 2014 with “The Sun King”,<i> </i>a world-premiere contemporary ballet inspired by the 2001 French film, “Le Roi Danse”. “…presents new dance works in the classical vein with impressive technicality and grace.”
</strong> “…impressive confidence and precision…”
</strong> “...Among Chicago's emerging dance companies, Elements Contemporary Ballet stands out for its progressive neoclassical style.” “…Mike Gosney's Grey, set to choral music by Tchaikovsky, was often breathtaking...” <div>“…legato moves and gracefully attained close formations.”</div>
<div><strong> </strong></div> ...boasted solid dancing and slick, professional presentation―these ballerinas are firm on toe, not wobbly, a challenge not always met by bigger troupes. “Caruana captures every breath of movement with unbridled determination, his athleticism shining through even the slightest motion.”

Elements Contemporary Ballet's 2014 Summer Workshop, August 6-8 at Visceral Dance Center. Reserve your spot by visiting our events page above!