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elemental events: moving together

Apr 23 '17

elemental events: moving together

By Lyz Krieger, Board Member and former dancer Elements Contemporary Ballet.


Why Dance?

Dance and movement is found in every culture and every society. Why? Because it is an integral component of what holds a community together. Dance fosters the body, mind and soul. Gesture and movement was the very first language we used to communicate, to create, to play and to show love. Dance can show us the very essence of what it means to be alive, full of hope and joy.

The power of dance has shown itself through many different cultures but most can agree it is a way to release tension or stress, to become confident, and unite with those who join in the dance. It is a moral force acting on the individual who loses himself to become a part of the whole, a unified community. In some cultures, two groups dance together after long periods of separation to engender a sense of unification, peace, reconciliation and harmony. Warriors dance to motivate and generate a collective uproar before setting off to fight. Dance grants a heart-centered coming together from a joint action, a continuous movement of the entire physical self.

Dance is an underlying force that joins communities in times of anxiety, uncertainty and disorientation which is something we need more than ever right now. Every person, every community, every culture, every society will dance for their own reasons. Let elementsballet show you why we dance!


Why The Four Elements?

Elements models it’s art after the four classical elements of nature, each representing a major facet of dance;

Water makes up about 80% of not only the earth, but of our bodies as well. Water is what moves us, allows us to tune in with our emotional  body and feel the space around us, the people around us. It is freedom to express ourselves both individually and together as a whole;Chloe Duryea 2 earth

Fire is the core of who we are, urging us to live and move forward on our paths whatever they may be. This fire is fueled by our passions and the expression of thereof. Fire is our love for dance that keeps driving us to be the best we can be;

Air is the mind space, the determination and focus that comes in training the body to do the most remarkable things, to defy the very nature of physicality. It is what lifts us up, giving us grace and the appearance of effortlessness;

Earth is the representation of our bodies, of the physicality it takes to dance. It is the work we put into ourselves that enables us to show you what we are capable of, and in turn show you what you are capable of.

Dancing and moving in these four elemental components has allowed us as a company to reach the very best of ourselves and our community. We want more than anything to bring this to the people we cherish and the city we call home. These elements are found not only in dance but in every form of art or self-expression. We encourage Chicago to see the world through our eyes, the beauty of it, to come together as a community and connect with each other and with the elements that make up this world.


Events for the Community

To this goal, we have planned four unique events for 2017, each themed in a specific element and offering dance performance and community gathering through a fun and different lens. The first event we want to share with you is SOAKED. Taking place Saturday evening, April 29 at WeWork Kinzie, SOAKED will embody the element of water by showcasing our dancers improvising fluid movement to a dreamy soundscape. Complimentary psychic readings from the staff at Invision and free beer and beverages will make for an immersive experience of live art and urban culture. Admittance to SOAKED is free, though RSVP is recommended as space is limited (RSVP at

SOAKED will be just the first of our “elemental-event” series. Follow us online as we bring each element to Chicago this year through artful social gatherings including exhibitions, exclusive film screenings, and even dancing with fire under the full moon.


To read more about what the elements mean to us and how they inspire our art, visit our blog post by elements dancer Megan Walsh:


(Photos by Topher Alexander

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